Tactical 30 Burn

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Tactical 30 Burn is for anyone looking to burn fat and get fitter.




-All Ages

Tactical 30 Burn is strategically designed to get your body burning fat while improving your cardiac output!

Lose inches and gain energy with this high intensity 3o minute work out led by your Team Revitalize Life Coaches.

We provide the high energy motivation you need to succeed!

Start your journey to weight loss Longwood today!

Tactical 30 Burn classes run Monday through Friday 7:30am and are design to work different muscle groups each day so you are not doing the same work out over and over and to efficiently condition your whole body!

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See all of our class schedule below and feel free to book online or call us at 321.765.3481 for details.

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Free body comp test when you sign up before June 1st 2018!