Goal Setting 2020

2020 Goal Setting Recap

Are you seeing you goals in 2020
Let's make this the best year Ever!

Here we are approaching the end of January and I have a question for you?  Are you seeing those goals we set in 2020 yet? Literally are you seeing the progress? Are you seeing clearly what it is you are after for your outcome?

Did you even set the goals or did you say “oh I will do it tomorrow?”

If that is the case go back and do your goals!

Assuming that you are here at this point becuase you did the goal setting and are in progress I have to ask, How are thise goals coming along?

Let’s do a qucik review that will get you back on track or get you going of you have waivered from the plan!

1) Your goals must be specific and in writing

2) You must find your reasons why you really want the goals

3) You must devise a plan for their attainment like desiging a MAP or GPS

4) You must design a timeline that you can monitor your progress

5) You must evaluate on a regular basis to see if you are on track, ahead or behind and make necessary adjustments. Notice what you are getting from your actions!

6) Celebrate your wins! Learn from your “mistakes”

7) Ask your self the most important questions. Who am I becoming by persuing this goals and who’s lives am I making better by achieving this goal.  Remember we will do more for others than we will for ourselves!

Once your reach your goals what do you want next. Remember we are never static, we are either growing or going backwards.

Step up and take control today!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dream!

-Coach Lew 


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