Goal Setting 2020

2020 Goal Setting Series

Goal setting 2020
Happy 2020!
Let's make this the best year Ever!

Part three is here, see it below!!

Goal Setting 2020

Either you have seen our live goal setting work shop and have come here to get your complimentary goal setting work sheets or you have come here from some where else and are going to watch the replay below, I know you are someone who is committed to taking your life to the next level! Goal setting 2020 is designed with you in mind! Your success is dependent upon your ability to set and follow through on your goals!

In the videos you have learned about goal setting 2020 which is kind of an analogy for seeing your goals with 2020 vision!
Through out the processes you have learned about the anatomy of goals, how to MAP them out to make your goals attainable and how to measure and time your progress!
If you need help on your Goal Setting 2020 please reach out to us for one on one coaching to help you truly make your goals a reality!

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Looking forward to serving everyone through out 2020 and beyond.

Make this the beginning of a life filled with success, health, wealth, growth and contribution! 

Enjoy your goal setting 2020 vision!

-Coach Lew 


Below is a encore of last years 2019 Goal Setting workshop!

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