5 Things you can do today to protect your health

5 Things you can do to protect your health

The 5 Things on Breakthrough with Lew Replay watch this one below after the one above!!

5 Things You Can Do Today To Protect Your Health!

It has been a crazy start to 2020 and this can still be the best year ever BUT we need to make sure your health is taken care of first!

There are a lot of fears being speed by the media and people are not sure who to believe or who to trust. Rightfully so as the experts themselves can’t seem to agree about anything!

What I do know is this….. The healthy your body is the more likely you are to avoid illness and disease. Now we all know there is always the exception to the rule but I don’t think there is a doctor alive that would not recommend taking stellar care of your body rather than abusing it, especially at time like this.

If your doctor would tell you it makes no difference of you eat clean and exercise than it would to eat fried fast food and lay around, find a new doctor!!

So what I would like to do is offer you 5 tips today to help keep your body at its best so you are more prepared if you do come in contact with viruses or bacteria that could make you sick!

Now this is not designed to give medical advice nor replace medical advice rather ways to support your body naturally and easily to help you to maintain the best health possible!

Ready for the 5?  Ok, then let us begin!

First make sure you are staying hydrated!  Why you ask?  Too many reasons to get in to now but here are a few:

1) Our bodies are made up of over 60% water and even more in our brain and heart. I would venture to say they are very important.  Have you ever had a hangover and had brain fog or no hangover and brain fog? That is a classic example of dehydration at it’s finest!

2) Water flushes out toxins through your urine.  Your body needs ways to get waste out and you urinary system plays a big role in that. 

3) Healthy skin and bones.  Yes they both rely on water.  Have you ever seen someone with just radiant skin?  Notice what they drink the most of!  Have you ever seen the skin of a smoker??  Speaks for itself as smoking dehydrates!

Second eating a nutrient rich diet is ultra important especially right now.  Your body needs the proper nutrients to maintain a strong immune system.

Vitamins C,D and the mineral Zinc are being talked about and studied highly right now. Speak with your medical professional to see how much is right for you!  Also speaking of vitamin D, how about some outdoor time safely in the sun?  Limit the time to avoid burning but getting outdoors is good for you, especially when coupled with exercise!

Third make sure you are getting plenty of exercise!  4-5 times weekly should be the minimum. Now what kind and intensity depends on your desires, stages of life and current health! Personally I recommend working with a will experienced personal trainer or coach to ensure the best results and safety.

Fourth make sure you are getting proper sleep and stress reduction!  This is a whole subject in itself but the number one thing I can tell you is to turn off the electronics at least one hour before bed!

Fifth set and follow through with health with specific health goals and create empowering routines to ensure you follow through.  It is important to know where you are currently, know where you want to go and then make a plan that you stick to while readjusting along the way as you learn what works best for you!

In the video you will find more explanations for all of these and more!

After watching the video I am convinced you will be hooked! You will want to be healthier, have more energy and look great!

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-Coach Lew 


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