Are you ready for the holidays?

Happy Holidays

Are you ready? 

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Are you ready for the holidays? By Coach Lew

Are you ready for the Holidays??

You may answer this question by saying yes because you have started your Christmas shopping and “survived” your Thanksgiving turkey, etc….etc……!!!!

My real question for you… your body ready for the Holidays??

You probably have heard of these vicious flu bugs that erupt and invade our country at this time of year!  Do you think that they are the real cause of all the illness?

  Do you think they magically arrive from another country or planet just in time for the Holiday cheer?

Well today we are going to debunk a few myths and put the responsibility where it belongs for staying healthy through the holidays!  The responsibility lies with YOU!

I am going to give you an age old analogy to understand what happens to our bodies during this time of year.  There once was a garbage strike in New York City and the garbage piled up on the streets, there was stench and decay everywhere. So what shows up, an epidemic of rats!  Would it be safe to say the garbage attracted the rats?  Obviously we don’t believe the rats brought the garbage, right?

Makes sense that the pollution brings the pests.  So our bodies are very similar to the little story there.

We are exposed daily to flu viruses, molds, bacteria and other food borne and air borne pathogens. Why is everyone not sick all the time then if these pathogens make us sick?  The reason is our bodies are equipped with defenses called our immune system.  When our bodies are functioning properly the immune system destroys the pathogens and dispels them from the body.  When we are overwhelmed by the pathogens or our bodies are weakened by stress, poor eating habits, injury, lack of exercise or substance abuse we then lose our ability to fight of the pathogens and our body gets “sick”.  The funny part is the “sickness” is the body healing itself by expelling the toxins through mucous, fungus, vomit, diarrhea and/or fever.

Ok, so there you have the recipe for sickness but we are really focused on prevention and finding natural ways for the body to support its natural and healthy homeostasis.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and hopefully avoids the “holiday sickness”.

Stay healthy this year! Here are some great tips:

  • Make sure you are getting proper rest. Proper rest is integral to brain health and your bodies health as well.    The old 8 hours per night model is the worst myth you can ever imagine!  The reason that 8 hours is not accurate is that your body cycles through its 4 sleep segments every 90 minutes and it is best to awaken on the end of that 90-minute cycle. To find out more ask me about sleep science coaching to find the proper sleep hygiene for you!
  • Drink plenty of Alkaline water! Acid is your enemy creating cell damage and early aging.  Alkaline water and foods help to flush out the acids and save you from the myriad of ills they can create! 
  • Eat mostly clean and light foods. Try to have a diet rich in raw fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, free of processed sugars and wheat and if you choose to eat meat and eggs make sure they are raised organic and are hormone and preservative free. By the way I personally consider properly raised eggs to be an amazing source of protein and “brain healthy” fats. Eat lighter meals more often to prevent your body from bogging down from heavy meals.
  • Get on or stay on a vigorous exercise routine. Keeping your blood flow will increase oxygen delivery to your cells, moving your lymphatic system will keep your body cleansed and your body releases your happy hormones during exercise which will keep you balanced and less stressed.  Did you know that using a rebounder (mini trampoline) is a super effective way of getting your lymphatic system moving and cleansing? * 
  • Manage your stress! Stress is very taxing on the immune system and can affect your sleep patterns.  Go get a massage or something relaxing, it will pay you back tenfold!
  • Avoid sugar, alcohol and tobacco! Does this mean no cookies, no drink at the office party and no smoking?  Well, definitely no smoking (YUK!) but to the others if you must partake in a cookie or a drink do it minimally and make up for it with a little extra sleep, clean eating and more exercise. 
  • You also should consider adding essential oils to your regimen. Essential oils have been used for centuries to help boost healthy body function and help the body heal!  They are also effective in psychological adaptations including relaxation, motivation and well being*.  We stock several Doterra essential oils at the studio or you can find out more and order direct by clicking here!
  • Don’t over tax your mind and body! Learn to say no once and awhile! Make sure you are focusing on what is truly important and what will give you the outcomes you set out for in life. All too often we get caught up in someone else’s drama, deadlines that are impossible, our story about the way it is or just plain overwhelm.
  • Be grateful and reflective daily. It has been proven that people who are grateful and take at least 10 mins per day to meditate or reflect on gratitude are more centered and have a much lower stress level!  Tony Robbins puts it so clear when he says, “If you don’t have 10 minutes a day for yourself, you don’t have a life!”  This is so very true!
  • Get a coach! If you are hitting stopping blocks in your progress, just don’t know where to begin or feel like you have tried it all, then try getting a life coach that you meld with who can help you through the process! 

    A coach can help you define what you want, set up an action plan and help you create measures to monitor your success!

At Revitalize Life Fitness & Life Coaching it is our goal to help maximize your health, wellness and fitness and to help you live an empowering and enjoyable life.  Find the balance that works for you and run with it!  Everything in life is better when you have the energy to enjoy it!

Encouraging you to live your life with energy, passion and to always live your dream!

-Coach Lew

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