Are you seeing 20/20?

Are you seeing 2020

Are you seeing 2020?

I am not talking about your eye vision rather you future vision!

2020 is going to a be an amazing year and a pivotal point for the world as a whole!

Self education is going to be exploding and all kinds of new opportunities are coming forth, the question is are you ready for this?

Along with great progress is going to come more personal responsibility for our state of mind, our bodies and our life!

Today I want to review where we have come since January and where we are going to be at 1.1.20!

We began this journey at the beginning of the year!  In review you can click on the posts I mention to go back and review anything you have missed or anything you are not implementing that you should be!

Remember this is for you to make your life and the lives of those around you so please do take advantage of the material and by all means use it!

We began with learning about Motivation 101 the true meaning of motivation.  Click here to go there!

We then explored our states that we live in. We learned about what our go to states are and how they affect every aspect of our lives!  Click here to review that ultra important training!

Next week discovered emotional endurance and how it can make or break our successes based on how we handle challenges when they arise. In a nutshell we discovered how to succeed in the tough times!  Need a tune up click here to go back to emotional endurance!

 Then came pain and pleasure! The two forces that drive everything in out lives as to whether we take action and succeed or give up and fail. Remember the pain pushes and pleasure pulls example!  These forces that seem to be antithesis of one another are truly two halves to your success or failure!   Definitely review this one here!


 Then we set up your motivation anchor!  No! Not like a boat anchor that stops you from moving rather something that you can fire off at any time to create an emotion or state of being that you need to access instantly.  For instance a power move that makes you feel confident or a verbal anchor that can prevent you for losing your temper!  Click here to set and create your anchors!


We the ventured in to the discovery of “Y”  This is where you found out about how powerful your reasons for why you are doing something becomes what will truly drive your success! Click here to find out the formula for “Yand click here after to use the power of “Y” to drive your success!


 Then we covered strategic planning to help you design this amazing life you deserve! You need a map or GPS to get to where you are going!  Learn more how to create and use this map or GPS here!


Then came H! the Genesis of it all!

H1 is the concept of health first! 

Click on the H1 subjects to review each or preferably ALL of them as our health is vital to everything we do in life! You can not be the best at anything of your health is not at the optimal level!


H1 Topics:

Getting Started With H1

Fasting and Planning

Healthy Eating 

Truth About Fitness

Stress And Sleep

Putting It All Together


Then we got in to the reality of your life with the segment about are you really living the life you deserve and desire?  Click here to find out!!!


Then came stepping up or stepping out!  When is it time to do each and what do they really mean?

Find out here!


If you think you can…You are right!  If you think you can’t you are right!!  So that means you are right all the time?  Well yes…sort of! Find out

more about this vital concept!  It will open your eyes like never before!

We then learned about your “Morning Routine” and how it determines the outcome of your day but more importantly your chances of having a fulfilling life!  Check it out


Then you got the big FU!  It is not what you think!

Find out what the “F” word really means to you right here!




Monday Motivation is Coach Lew’s way of teaching life skills to you in bite size, plain English and easy to implement ways! Today is all about combining this and reviewing any areas to this point that you may have missed or need more practice at.

As we round the bend to 2020 we are excited to set the stage for you to win at this game called life! To win in a way that you grown and contribute to a better you and a better world overall.

Thank you for spending time with the team here at Revitalize Life and for allowing Coach Lew to teach you and guide you to the best YOU ever!


Live with Faith, Energy, Passion and Always Live YOUR Dream!

-Coach Lew and the Team!


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