Monday Motivation

Self Care

Self care! Self care is the key to success! If you don’t take care of your self first you can not take care of anyone else at a level that matters! Self care comes in many forms but can be summed up as anything that supports your body, your mental state and your spirit! See

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Taking Action

Taking Action

Taking action! The missing link in success! (Make sure to unmute the video if you can’t hear!) Taking Action is your missing key to success! Many great plans, ideas and dreams fall by the wayside because it all looks great and sounds great BUT if you do no take MASSIVE ACTION they will never happen!

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Stress relief

5 Stress Busters Revealed

Stress Part 2 The 5 Top Stress Busters The 5 top stress busters! Last week we talked about stress baby! If you missed last weeks show click here to view the replay! We discovered the difference in stress reduction and stress relief! We discovered the difference between physical stress and emotional stress.  Internal stress or external

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