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Coach Lew’s Secret Protein Shake Recipe

Coach Lew shares his secret protein shake recipe for the most delicious and nutritious protein shake!

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Protein intake has always been controversial in the health and fitness realm.  How much protein you should consume and what kind of protein has always been argued about in the medical and fitness professions.

Protein is necessary for your body to build and rebuild muscle and other tissue.  The type of protein is absolutely crucial and important.  The old belief that a protein is a protein is incorrect!  I will not bore you with loads of facts and figures but will give you a short and concise explanation and then reveal a delicious and effective recipe to ensure your proper protein consumption.

The biggest difference in protein is whether it is a complete or incomplete protein.   A complete protein is one that contains all of the essential amino acids.  The meaning of essential amino acid is one that can not be produced by your body and must be consumed.  A non essential amino acid is one that your body can create.  The obvious being is you must consume the essential amino acids from an outside source and you must get the proper amount of each so your body can utilize the protein fully in the building and rebuilding process.

The other big difference is what other substances may be present in your protein such as lactose in whey protein which is disruptive to the digestive system.  This is why I highly recommend an egg protein or quality plant based protein!

You can learn more about the difference in protein is my other post which will give you a more in depth explanation by clicking here.

Here is Coach Lew’s Secret Protein Shake Recipe!

The ingredients:

6-8 ounces Almond Milk

6-8 ounces Coconut Water

 1/2 Frozen Banana

1-2 ounces Udo’s Choice Oil  Find out more about Udo’s Oil click here.

1 heaping scoop of JayRobb Protein Powder, Vanilla preferred 

2 Heaping tablespoons of Raw Cacao Powder

1 hand full Raw Organic Spinach

Blend all ingredients in a blender for 30 seconds.  The best blender we have found for the job is the Nutri-Bullet.  It is important to use the proper blender to achieve a smooth properly blended shake!  Another very important factor is using organically grown foods!

Depending on what size blender and your personal taste preferences you can adjust the recipe to your liking.

This protein shake recipe was created out of a desire to make something very nutritionally balanced while making it delicious so that it is sustainable to incorporate in to your every day dietary lifestyle.  It combines a great balance of amino acids, healthy essential fats and greens to make it in to a light meal in itself.

You can find most of these products at your local health food store and for your convenience and best pricing I have included the ability to click on them and order them at the best prices and fastest shipping!

So there you have Coach Lew’s Secret Shake Recipe!

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Live with passion, energy and always live your dream!

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protein shake recipe

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