Comprehensive Body Composition Testing

Know your numbers!

Do you know what is really going on inside your body or do you rely on your scale to tell you?

Find out the real truth!

Do you stress out about your weight?

Do you weigh your self to see if you are making progress?

Do you hate what the scales says?

Most people stress out about what the scale says.  They focus on their weight and think that is a measure of success or not!

The truth is the biggest favor you could do for yourself is throw the scale away!  You may ask youself is this Coach Lew guy crazy?  Throw my scale away?  How will I know if I am succeeding?

The scale only gives you one dimension of your body composition!  What you really need is to know the true composition of your body and yes that does include weight!

Let me give you a quick example to help you make sense of this concept!
Say you have been working out for a month and you began at 200 pounds.  After one month of really working hard you weight yourself and you weight 199.  You will probably feel disappointed because you have worked your butt off, right?  I would not blame you for feeling that! 

 So let us imagine you have this magic scale that can see the difference between fat and muscle!  This scale tells you you weight 199 but…. it also tells you you have lost 6 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle!  Now how do you feel about your progress?  At that point you may celebrate and say that you knew your clothes fit differently and you have more energy!  Makes sense that there is so much more to monitoring your progress!  

The great news is we have one of these “magic scales”!   The even better news is it does a whole lot more than just fat and muscle!
Here is what our Tanita scale can tell you:
1) Weight 
2) Body fat percentage
3) Body fay mass
4) Muscle mass
5) Body hydration level
6) Visceral fat (the very unhealthy fat that surrounds your organs)
7) Bone density 

8) Physique rating
9) BMI 

10) Basal metabolic rate
11) Metabolic age
12) Daily caloric intake

So when is now a great time to find out your numbers?

 Look below for your options!

Body Comp Options

One time body comp test

Get a one time Comprehensive Body Comp test with our Tanita at our fitness studio


Plus Package Silver

Get your Comprehensive Body Comp test and your physical size measurements


Plus Package Gold

Get your Comprehensive Body Comp, physical measurements and before and after pictures! 


Plus Package Platinum

Get your Comprehensive Body Comp, physical measurements Before/After Pictures to endurance & strength test!


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