Your Story

Creating your new story

Creating your new story!

Your story…How does it affect your entire life?

Your story is the one you tell yourself about why life is the way it is!  In the first video discover what your story is and how you got it!  In the second video discover how to change it!

Where did your story come from? Did it come from you Mom, Dad, friends or anyone else who has influence about how you view life.

Your story affects everything you do, the choices you make, the way you feel and what you are willing to do or not to do in life.

Your story creates your identity.  

The questions to ask yourself is does my story serve me or hold me back.  Does my story inspire others or does it bring them down.

Does your story drive you to better or does it give you excuse to say why you can’t?

In the video I talk about the seasons of life and how your story can determine how you can use seasons to grow! 

It is time to stop using your story that has created a victim mindset or holds you back and rewrite that story to serve you to step up and grow!

Watch the video and get some major growth today!

Still struggling with your story or need help rewriting your story? 

Book a coaching session with me today and get on your rewrite so you can truly start living the life you deserve today! 

Let’s get you on the road to success and happiness today!

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-Coach Lew 


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