Determine your outcome and your income!

Your decisions affect your outcome and your income!
The decisions you make daily, weekly and yearly affect all aspects and the quality of your life!  As a matter of fact the shape who you are!
Not only do your decisions affect the outcome of every aspect of your life they also determine how you feel, who you choose to associate with and your level of success!
How important are decision? I would say they are the root of everything in your life!
Decisions determine:
  1. You career path
  2. Who you have relationships with
  3. Whether you choose to have children
  4. How much education and what type you choose
  5. How health and fit your body is
  6. Your income level
  7. Where you live 
  8. and so on and so on! Basically everything you can imagine!
Decisions themselves do not totally create the outcome because it is decision couple with action or the lack there of that makes the difference!  Decision in itself is the starting line, action is the race and the finish is the result of the combination of decision, action and further decisions and actions along the way!
Example you decide to go in to business selling cassette tapes.  You open the business and wham, you are successful and the CD’s come out and you say well I decided I am a cassette shop and that is it.  A year later you are out of business!  You see decisions are not only a one time deal.  You could have seen the trend and switched to CDs and been on the cutting edge.  Decisions and action are continual.  This is not to say you abandon your decision or your plan because yo have a bad day, what it does mean is you may have to make additional decisions as new distinctions arise.  The original decision is still there in the example and that was to open a music selling business but the successful Entrepreneur saw the change coming and decided to embrace a new product rather than shutting down the initial concept of having a business.
Hopefully this example gives you a little real world insight on how this all works!
Decisions can be difficult and we have tools as your Coaches to help you through that so if you are facing something that is a huge decision book a coaching session with us and we can guide you through the process!


-Coach Lew 


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