Don’t forget the F U

Don't forget the big FU!


Hey Friends!

Last week we talked about morning routines and how they can make or break you!

So it has been a week! How are you doing with that morning routine that you created?  I certainly trust you created it, if not go back to last weeks post and get busy!

This week I have a big F U for you! Not what your mind is conjuring up but rather a big FOLLOW UP!

The FU stands for your follow up!  This is your action step to make sure you are continuing to take action on your plan and adjusting as necessary.

Remember  that step one is decide what you want, step two is create a plan , step three is take massive action on your plan and step four is monitor and adjust your plan as necessary to make sure you are on track to hit your outcome!

So today is short and sweet! It is simply to remind you that FU is not a bad word, not just a good idea but an absolute necessity if you want to succeed!

You may think follow up is just for routines but truth be told it carries over in to every part of your life, your business, your relationships and more!

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