Emotional Endurance

Emotional Endurance!
The power to keep going for it...
Even when it gets tough!

Emotional Endurance is the key to success!

Success can seem easy when everything is going your way!

By now in this series you have discovered that you must have a vision for you outcome, a written plan (the map) for its achievement and take massive calculated action, right?

So here you are tooling along with that excitement and energy you gained by creating your vision, your actions just seem to be falling in to place and you can see the outcome coming to fruition!

Then…..WTF!  You are getting knocked sideways, your time is being robbed by outside factors, you find unexpected pitfalls and it seems like everything is falling down around you! 

 Sound familiar?  

Been there, done that and given up because it didn’t work out?

Well, here is the amazing phenomenon that occurs…..

When you get close to a goal, a breakthrough or outcome almost always there come the challenges, set backs and the strongest opponents!

Going in to this I want you to remember the most important parts of your outcome are generally based in growth and contribution, correct?

When you are about to make it happen that is generally where the biggest opponents show up! 

Why? Because what we are really after is the growth and contribution so these “opponents” “challenges” show up to make us grow!

If it is too easy, where is the growth, right?  If you are doing something that is going to contribute in a meaningful way it has to be something that inspires, so if it was too easy how does that inspire?

In the video I tell the story about losing my phone and how I almost gave up! 

I love that story because it can parallel to a lot of situations leading up to the simple phenomenon that the closer you get to your goal, success or mission the more opponents will show up BUT this is the most crucial point where you need that emotional endurance to carry you through the breakthrough point to success!  This is often the part that gives you the most success!

What is emotional endurance then?  How do I develop this endurance?  Where does it come from?

All are great questions!

So lets address them!

Emotion endurance is the ability to keep moving forward like there is no stopping you! It is the ability to take action on the challenge yet still keep you complete focus on the outcome you are after.  It is tapping in to the power of “Y”, the power of why is the compelling reason you are doing this in the first place!

How you develop emotional endurance is just like developing a muscle!  You work it intentionally to grow by taking on challenges and tasks at 110% so that you grow as you complete them.  It is build success upon what would have been a failure if you had given up!  This means never give up! What this does not mean is never improvise or change you plan to suit the changing scenario!  Remember it is the outcome you are after not necessarily the plan or approach.  As you grow many times you make new distinctions that will make a need for changing the map but still getting the outcome!

Where does it come from you may still ask?  Well we are not born with it. We are born with survival skills so put that to use! Les Brown puts it very Simply when he says you gotta want it as much as you want to breathe!  Put that survival instinct energy together with a great reason why, then couple that with a great plan, massive actions and a never give up attitude and you will succeed!  

Does it work every time?  Yes! 

Does it guarantee you the exact outcome you set out after?? No! 

Sometimes it far exceeds your initial vision and sometimes you get very close!  

Would you rather get close and have the growth or just never try and get nothing or go backwards?  

The reality once again is you are either going forward or backwards, there is no static place. 

The choice is yours grow, contribute and become more, accomplish more and have fulfillment or live in mediocrity, the choice is yours!

Yes building emotion endurance is hard, yes it is rewarding and most important take away from today is…. When it seems the darkest, when you feel you have hit the wall and you want to give up……..

Remember it is always darkest right before the dawn and even a brick wall will be broken through if you hit it hard enough, hit it enough times and hit the right spot.

The only thing that can stop you is you!

So let’s get in the emotional gym and build some emotional endurance and start breaking through because all the joy, all the contribution and all the fulfillment is just the other side of that wall or just a few steps away!

Remember the truth is the closer you get to a goal or doing something great the harder the resistance gets! 

It’s a law of nature but once you breakthrough you become unstoppable and it becomes part of who you are!

Let’s build that emotional endurance NOW!!

-Coach Lew 


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