Excuses..Are Just Excuses

Excuses are ...Just Excuses!
Stop the BS!

Excuses are….. Just Excuses!

We recently spoke about time being the one thing that is equal!

Why are some people so very successful and other always struggling?  This question presupposes that there is a definitive reason for success and failure.

I can’t because (filling in the blank with BS).

You are lucky because (fill in the blank again!)

See the BS is not the words you think rather belief system which can be made up of compelling reasons why or bullshit reasons why not!

Am I saying that some people don’t have larger challenges than others to overcome? Absolutely not!  What I am say is that how people chose to handle challenges and the meanings they assign to them determines their outcome rather than making excuses why they can’t.

Every challenge you face there is someone who overcame the challenge and learned, grew and came out the other side a stronger better person.  Then the are the ones who faced the same challenge and used it as an excuse why they “can’t” because of it.  The difference again is the meaning you give anything and if you are willing to learn and grow even when it is not pleasant, is difficult or down right sucks!

There are countless examples of those who broke through and give empowering meanings to scenarios and then you see those who have created excuses why they “can’t because xyz, etc!”

I am I saying that in tough times that you must go it alone?  Not at all! If you are in a bad spot reach out for help and then when you are in the clear again step the F up and build upon your growth.

Every situation is different and there is always something empowering that can be taken away from a situation.  In some cases, the empowering outcome is that you help someone else avoid or through a similar situation.  Many great leaders and coaches have been born out of going through hell and learning how to turn it around and make it empowering!

What I want to get across to you here is that excuses do nothing but hold you back from the fulfillment you really deserve.

Any time you catch yourself saying something like if “X” hadn’t happened I could do “Y” that is an EXCUSE!

Transforming this is easier than you think!  Ask a better question like… Now that I have learned to conquer (insert old excuse) what am I truly capable of and what would it take to make that happen?

I am compassionate to those who have endured tragedy in their lives and let me be very clear though, the best way to help someone is to teach them to help themselves.

Step up my friends and let’s put an end to the excuses and a beginning to taking action with the tools you have to create and design and most importantly live the life you deserve and desire!

Live with Faith, Energy, Passion and Always Live Your Dream!

-Coach Lew


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