Focus On Success

Focus is the #1 Key to success

Want to succeed at something but feel like you just are not sure how to get there?

Change that now!

Hey Guys!

Coach Lew here to talk to you about the “F” word!

Yes that dirty little word focus!

Many times is life we want  something or want to  change something but we can’t figure out how.  Worse yet most of the time we know how but begin to make change and lose momentum or direction.  Why does this happen?

One of the strongest legs of change is the power of focus!

What I am saying is you get what you set your focus on!  What I am not saying is that woo woo law of attraction talk of sit and focus and you will get! 

Truth is YES you must focus on what you want and even sometimes obsessively but you must take action along with focus!

Going for whatever you are after with out consistent focus is like driving to LA with out a gps and assuming that because you are headed West that will insure you get to Rodeo Drive!

So why is the power of focus so important to success then?

Here we go in a nutshell!

  • What you focus on you will pay attention to

  • When you are focused you will notice things that you normally block out 

  • You will ask questions and seek information from people who have already accomplished or are ahead in the journey you are on.  

  • The more focus you put on something the more important it becomes to you brain and the more creative energy your brain will assign to the process!

  • You must clearly know what your outcome is as in the LA example

  • When you know where you are going it creates a laser like focus that will allow you to weed out the distractions.

In summary FOCUS is an important part of success because  you must know what you are after, you must seek ways to accomplish it and you must know how to tell if you are succeeding!  So the old saying of what you  get what you focus on is true! So make sure you are focusing on what you really want, you focus on the positive reasons you want it and you focus on taking the action necessary you need to achieve it!

Yes!  You can have the life you desire and deserve!  Not sure where to begin or the steps you need?  Find a Coach to help you design the plan! 

Click here to send us a message if you have questions or would like to find out more about coaching!

Live with Energy, Passion And Always Live Your Dreams!

-Coach Lew 



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