Covid motivation

Get Your Stuff Together

Do you feel like you have lost out?

Do you feel oppressed?

Do you feel that you no longer have a compelling future?

You are not alone!

Corona, Racial and political tensions, separation from loved ones, and the F word FEAR!

Time to get your shit together!

How do you do this in such uncertain times?

Want to know or are you just asking?

Here it is!

  • 1) Decide what it is you want. What you really want!

  • 2) Decide why you want it! What is most important in….? Fill in the blank ( life, relationship, career and etc.)

  • 3) Commit to taking daily, hourly, weekly or whatever action you need! It may not be easy but the alternative will be worse. You are either moving  forward or back there is no neutral or when we get passed this.  You must be making progressing. It has been said we are either growing or dying!  I prefer growing personally!!

  • 4) Make a detailed plan!

  • 5) Find ways to make your plan fun, set time aside for you to care for YOU!

  • 6) Monitor your results and adjust where necessary

  • 7) Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or how small. Celebrate you losses by using them to learn and grow.  This trains your mind to look for the best and to enjoy growth!

  • 8) Connect to your higher power and be grateful. We were not put here to suffer or play small we are here to create and enjoy joy and make a difference

Can I challenge you to do this for the next two weeks while journaling the effect it has on you and others?

Make this the beginning of a life filled with success, health, wealth, growth and contribution!

Live with faith, energy, passion, love and always live your dream!

-Coach Lew 


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