H1 Fasting and Planning

The good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty of fasting!

Week 2 Fasting and Planning!

There is a whole lot of hype around different diets and fasting these days! So what is right for me you may ask?  That is a very good question! Like we have talked about before everyone is bio individual and may respond differently at different stages of life!  

There are some basics about fasting that you should know before making the decision of what is best for you!

Here are a few different types of fasting you may consider:

  1. Eating nothing for an extended period of time. The positive to this is allowing your system to rest and detox.  Depending on how long you fast this could be beneficial or dangerous with regards to the length of the fast

  2. Drinking only water for an extended period of time.  Once again allows the system to rest and detox while retaining your healthy hydration levels as not to become dehydrated. Also the proper hydration allows your body to detox faster and eliminate the toxins. Make sure that you are consuming quality alkaline water NOT TAP WATER!!!  

  3.  Water and raw vegetable juices fast or as commonly referred to as a juice cleanse!  This would be more sustainable for a longer period of time as you are recieving nutrients from the veggetables and hydration.  This also gives the digestive system a break while you are receiving the nutrients from the veggies! This should be lower glycemic (low sugar) veggies and make sure not to use high lectin count veggies as well.

  4. Oil fast using refined coconut oils like the Bullet Proof Brand which will not break the physical fast but provides plenty of brain fuel to keep your cognizance levels up!  This of course assumes the consumption of quality water as well!  This is a very susatinable fast to be able to continue every day life with out a lot of peak and valley hunger spikes!

  5. Water and black coffee can make for a great cleansing and detox fast by helping your body rid itself of toxins and waste with out a lot of peak and valley moments as well.  Combining the coconut oil as well makes this a higher energy and more clarity based fast!

So in essence we can sum up the benefits of fasting as:

  1. Can help promote weight loss

  2. Cell apoptosis of weak or mutated cells.  The body will eat these cells first for energy and in our belief removing weak and mutated cells has show in research to help lessen inflammation, help the body fight certain diseases and help the body regenerate healthy cells!

  3. Allows for digestive rest! Digestion takes a lot of energy and especially digesting whole foods and foods that are laden with animal fats, pesticides, chemicals and other undesirable compounds. 

  4. Gives your body time to heal and detox

  5. Certain fasts have shown to help with mental cognizance and energy too!

There are two types of fasts that have been recently addresses alot.  The extended period fast which is usually 12 or 24 hours up to days depending on your needs.

The other is what is called intermittent fasting which is based on a daily extended fast time like not eating your first meal till noon and not eating after 6PM.

Personally I prefer the extended period fast as the intermittent goes against my training in metabolism as I believe in breaking fast aka breakfast shortly after waking as to stimulate the metabolism.  The are different schools of thought on each and I would suggest doing your own research and testing which works best for you!

I personally generally pick one day each week and do a 12-24 hour water or water, coffee and oil fast  and that is what my body seems to respond best to! 


Also in the training video we talk about planning and scheduling your habits and routines! Please watch the video in its entirety to learn the tools and techniques of habits and routines as it goes right along with everything else we are teaching you because you must learn to create habits and schedule routines for all of this to work!

Below I will have the links to order the Bulletproof Oil as I find it to be an amazing add to my diet as it gives me energy and mental clarity.  Also please consider booking a live coaching session with me to help you with any aspect in life that may be holding you back or you need help jump starting an area that you may need help with!


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