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Managing stress, sleep and relaxation

We live  a high tech, high paced and high responsibility lifestyle!  All the new technology, data overload and media has created amazing tools for communication, connection and super powered self learning, but has presented us with a whole new set of challenges creating powerful stresses and has decreased our ability to get proper sleep!  

Today we are going to cover proper stress reductions, stress relief and proper sleep strategies!  

Stress and lack of sleep have been attributed to accidents, formation of physical and mental illness.  So lets start off with sleep!  Why do we need sleep?

  1. Sleep gives our bodies time to regenerate and repair cells, tissue and organs.  

  2. Sleep allows our brains to cleanse and develop neuro-plasticity 

  3. Sleep allows us to purge the mental fears and stresses that we all deal with on a daily basis!  Sleep is a very complex science mixed with a little bit of art.  

Watch the videos in this section so you can learn to understand the different stages of sleep and how they affect you, this being the science!  The art comes in to play with sleep hygiene.  Sleep hygiene comes in to play where you create an environment to promote the mental and physical aspects of sleep!  

 Stress management and stress relief may sound like the same thing but they are two sides to the same coin!  

Stress management relates to handling stresses upfront and preventing as much of the stress as a preemptive as opposed to stress relief which is reliving the stress that can not necessarily be avoided by you can lessen the effects after the fact!  

There is a lot of material on all of this in the live replay as well as the training video on this page so make sure you get to watch both of them.  Please make sure you watch these videos distraction free as there is great material in the end it is worth taking an hour of your time to make a huge impact for the better on your life! The phone can wait for an hour to do these training’s!!   Put the phone on silent, turn off the TV and let’s get to work on lessening your stresses and get you a better night’s sleep. 

 I am a certified Sleep Sciences Coach and certified Stress Management Coach and can really get you set up to win at this! 

 Book a private coaching session today and let’s get control of stress and sleep for you once and for all!  Step up! Live with energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 


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