H1 Putting It All Together

Putting It All together!

Wow!  It has been six weeks already!

It seems like yesterday we were embarking on this journey! 

Have you done the entire series?

  Have you applied what you have learned? 

What have you accomplished, learned and most importantly who have you become on this journey? 

If you have taken action and gotten results, Kudos to you and keep up the great work!  If you have taken some of the training and made some change and it is getting you in the right direction then step it up to the next level and apply what you have already done to the things that you have not conquered yet! 

If you have done nothing get off your ass, go back to the beginning and do this! 

This is life changing and is for you not for me!  I know this stuff, teach this stuff and live this stuff!

Not saying I know everything, am always perfect nor that I do not have my own journey that I am on but I am always looking for better ways to succeed! 

What I am saying loud and clear though is that I am giving you material, motivation and knowledge to inspire you to become a self study and succeed in your journey and if I provide it, by all means please use it!  With that said lets recap the last 6 weeks! Remember you can always go back and redo any training and work through any stopping blocks you may have hit! 

So let’s review the last six weeks! 

Week 1 we went over basic nutrition, basic fitness and basic stress relief rules.

Week 2 we talked about fasting and forming great habits along with planning tools

Week 3 we talked about eating. We delved in to calories vs. nutrition and we covered the pro’s and cons of eating whole foods, blended foods or juicing! We discovered that each have distinct positive attributes and downsides. The ultimate discovery was a great balance of all three may be best!

Week 4 we explored the various forms of exercise and the stages of life that we need the balances or different forms and ratios.  We did discover at all stages strength, cardio and endurance are all important.

We also learned that monitoring our body composition and blood work is crucial to understanding our body’s performance.

Week 5 we learned about stress management and sleep!

We learned the difference of stress management and stress relief.

 We learned about sleep hygiene and why the traditional 8 hours of sleep is so badly flawed! If you completed this module you know why! If you don;t know why go back and review it as it is paramount!

Today we learned how to put it all together and also that it takes action to succeed. If yo have let the last 6 weeks go by and not taken action here….Do it now! The good news its too late as you can begin now! All the material in this series will remain on the site for you to use time and again as well as feel free to send you loved ones. friends and anyone yo know here as we are doing this to help everyone live a more fulfilling and productive life and lifestyle!

So congratulations on completing the 6 weeks and making your steps towards your own transformation!

What is next? 

You will have to tune in next week and find out!  I will give you a little hint though…. We are going to go back and hit some key points and go deeper in to help you implement more!

We have lots of exciting things coming up and can’t wait to share with you!

Live with energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

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