H1 The Genesis of it all!

H1 The Genesis of it all! Health 1

What is H1 and why is it so important?

H1 stands for Health 1 or in other words Health First! 

With out our health we can not maximize anything we do in life!  Can you think of anything you want to do or currently doing that would be negatively affected by adverse health or low energy? 

Conversely what would be easier, more effective and more fun in your life if you had optimal health and high levels of energy?  This is where H1 comes in my friends! 

You see when our bodies are operating at full efficiency we tend to accomplish more, affect others more positively and enjoy the this process called life!  It all begins with how we treat our bodies and the H1 blueprint we follow!  H1 follows certain presuppositions such as a clean, healthy, fit and well rested body will lend itself to maximum efficiency!   Also there are certain rules that almost always apply to every where as the is also the concept of bio individuality which simply put each and every one of us is unique and different foods, stress, conditions and etc affect us differently.  This is where creating your H1 protocol becomes so important!

An example would be say for instance almonds as food. Most of us would benefit from this food especially if it is raw and sprouted BUT if you were to have an allergy to almonds, what is nutritious for someone else could cause serious harm to you! 

With that out of the way let’s use almonds for this particular example:   

Almonds being a generally nutritious addition to most peoples diet would make sense. right?  So let us compare two scenarios:

  1. Organic, raw and sprouted almonds are amazing sources of minerals, live enzymes and provide a high energy, healthy fat food source!  Good yes? For most unless you are allergic we would agree this is a good energy food source!

  2. Commercial roasted and flavored almonds from a convenience store. Good? Not so much!  Loaded with toxins and pesticides, no enzyme value from roasting at high heat and probably contain chemical preservatives! 

So now you see the components of what we are talking about!  The commercial ones may be ok if you would starve to death because they were the only food available for an extended period of time, correct?

  Conversely the organic, raw and sprouted ones would be miles ahead in nourishing the body and providing a clean energy source. I think we can all agree on this!  Obviously the last scenario is the person with an allergy to them and in that case no almond would be an option!

Hopefully this little example has given you the eye opening concept of how to upscale what ever you to do maximize the return to your body! 

 So the components of H1 are as follows:

Healthy eating

Proper exercise

Rest and sleep

Correct hydration

Stress management and reduction

Proper breathing

Fun, R&R and laughter.

When you balance out all these comments your body and mind can work together at top efficiency so you can be the best at all aspects of your life!  This is why we are going to dedicate the month of May to studying the aspects of H1 and helping you to implement them for a higher energy and more satisfactory life!

Live with energy, passion and always live your dreams my friends!

-Coach Lew 

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