H1 Week One Getting Started

H1 Getting Started!

H1 The Genesis Of It All

Getting Started

In the beginning you may feel like this whole H1 thing is complicated and seems like work, yes? 

As we all know there are so many aspects to health, wellness and fitness that it can be a little overwhelming!  Even as a well versed coach it can be an enormous task learning and implementing all the concepts, science and art to this whole thing!  That is why what I am going to say is really and I mean really good news!  I have dedicated years and countless hours to studying, researching, practicing and developing strategies to make this puzzle a whole lot easier to solve!

My mission is to bring to you the plain English, easy to implement way to succeed at your health, wellness and fitness goals!  So yes I have done some work for you to set the framework to succeed.  Now, this does not mean that you don’t have to do the follow through nor does it mean that you don’t have to become a self study and continue to learn and grow your own journey, BUT it does mean that I am going to help you to jumpstart that journey!

So here it is for you to begin to transform your energy, you body and your life!

There are some basic rules that in general must be followed to achieve optimal health and energy!

  • Basic Nutrition Rules

  1. 80-90% Raw with the obvious exceptions. Cooking most foods beyond the occasional light steaming or sauté tends to destroy the enzymes and nutrient content

  2. 80-90% Vegetable based diet. For the most part we want to avoid most animal products as they generally contain the “unhealthy” fats, parasites, antibiotics and are generally not full of nutrient with the exception of protein.

  3. Meat if any must be antibiotic free, pastured and wild caught if fish. Fish would be my obvious choice with the caveat that fish can contain some heavy metals that can be potentially hazardous at higher levels

  4. Little to no processed foods! Processed foods contain chemicals and preservatives and we all know that is toxicity waiting to happen!

  5. Proper hydration! It is important to make sure you not only have the right quantity of water but also the quality of water is just as essential!

  6. Fasting has been recognized for centuries by many cultures. Fasting can be an important part of your health care and healthy body maintenance.


  • Basic Fitness Rules

  1. Three to five times a week for exercise should be a minimum! Fitness is and should be a part of everyone’s over all lifestyle routine.  The type and intensity will vary by stage of life, goals and preferred activities.

  2. Stretching routine 3 times per week minimum and must be done warm! It is preferable to follow up after your exercise routine to ensure you are warm as well as ensure a good cool down after your workout

  3. Cardio and strength training must be done. Cardio alone is never enough because strength training helps maintain the muscles that support our skeletal system and support movement!

  4. Best done with a professional to ensure proper techniques for safety and effectiveness. Accountability is super important as you will show up, you will perform, and you will grow when you are accountable to someone else.  Having a work out buddy that does not truly challenge you is a waste of time.  Sometimes your work out buddy aka your friend is best to be your friend and go find yourself a trainer that will get you results or you can always take your friend to train with you so you are both accountable to the trainer!

  • Stress relief to unwind the mind and body

  • 1. Massage! Massage is not a luxury in my book rather a medical necessity to maintaining a healthy body. It removes toxins from your system while allowing the muscles to relax

  1. 2. Prayer, meditation and visualization. Connection to your God can relieve all your stresses by having faith! Mediation creates stillness in your brain and allows your body function to slow and relax.  There is often a misconception about meditation that you must change religion or beliefs to mediation. That is not true as you can pray while meditating.

    3.Visualization is a good one too as you can         visualize being at the beach by closing your office door and your eyes for 5 minutes or……if you had a bad interaction with someone yelling at you… you can visualize them swallowing a bug while they were yelling and this may even make a tense situation funny!  Hey this stuff works! Trust me it works!

Lastly set your environment up to win.  Get organized, make your environment supportive of you and keep it clean and you will feel much more supported in your venture!



Now that we have covered some basics you have tools to begin your journey over the coming weeks as we add to and build upon these concepts. 

There are times that it may be easy to plan and design the concepts and others that you may hit stopping blocks.  When you hit the stopping blocks that is a sign its time for growth.  Also can be a good time to book a coaching session with me by clicking here!!

Make sure to see the live replay of the show above and the full training video below that goes more in depth in to the concepts and has some great examples to bring it home with real world scenarios!

Until next time live with energy, passion and always live your dream!!!

-Coach Lew



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