Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Seminar (HEALS)

Healthy Eating And lifestyle LIve seminar

Take the transformation journey in to what a healthy lifestyle really is and how you can really enjoy it!
Attend locally in person in Longwood or attend Worldwide by virtual live stream from where ever you are!

Revitalize Life fitness And Life Coaching
Saturday May 30th 10Am-2PM Sunday May 31 2020 1PM till 5PM EST

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Get the fresh perspective about eating!

Learn how to eat in a way that is supportive of your body and your goals while still being able to enjoy the flavors you enjoy the most! Finally you can reach your goals while enjoying the process!
We are not going to put you on a diet, rather guide you through the process of creating a dietary lifestyle that works for you!

Explore Fitness Options That Work for you!

Everyone is at different stages of life and have different capabilities and goals for their fitness levels! We you help you discover what is best for you and most importantly what will make it fun and sustainable because for any fitness program to work it must be doable!

Get the truth about Sleep and stress management!

So many opinions about sleep! What is the truth? What really works best for you? How do you really get a good night's sleep! Coach Lew, Certified Sleep Sciences Coach and Certified Stress management Coach will shed some light or should we say darkness on this so you can finally get the sleep you need! Is stress really the killer you think it is? What is the difference between stress and excitement? Find out more at HEALS on April 15th!

Bring it home Lifestyle options you can use every day to support you

Simple short cuts with Coach Jen on how to survive the navigate the grocery store, avoid the pharmacy and take every day life and make it support you!

Revitalize Life Fitness And Life Coaching - the place to be

In addition to all of the above topics Team Revitalize will touch on how to balance out the whole lifestyle to meet your needs with breakthrough sessions on time management, breathing techniques for energy, proper hydration, body composition and so much more!

Join us Saturday May 30th 10AM-2PM Sunday May 31st at 1PM for our next Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Seminar at Revitalize Life Fitness & Life Coaching in Longwood. Don’t worry if you can’t attend on these dates and times as you will have access to the encore replays for 90 days!  Attend Worldwide via live remote stream! Don’t let distance stop you from attending this life boosting event!

Do you know what healthy eating and lifestyle really looks like?  Do you believe you could actually enjoy eating foods that are also supportive of your body and you weight loss goals?  Do you feel like you know what to do but lack the motivation?  When is now a great time to find out more of how you can really do this and really enjoy it!!

In this life changing seminar you will learn how to balance all of the aspects affecting your weight, health, energy and learn how to take your body from average and tired to amazing and vibrant!  We will teach you to find your proper balance that gives you the result you want and in a way that you can enjoy!

Coach Lew and Team Revitalize Life will cover:

Healthy Eating that tastes good!  Learn how to make the foods you enjoy more supportive of your body without sacrificing taste!

What is the best exercise for you! There are so many options so why not discover the ones you enjoy?

Proper Hydration… is 8 glasses true?

Proper rest and stress management!  Do you really sleep well?  Are you stressed a lot?

Breathing techniques for energy and relaxation!  You breathe already why not make it support your health?

How to balance all of this in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable and gets results!


Lew and Team Revitalize have studied and researched the most effective ways to help you find your balance and look and feel your best!  We will deliver all of this to you in a plain English and easy to manage lifestyle planning method. 

Come out and see what you have been missing and have some fun learning new tips and short cuts to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

A note from Lew….  I devised this seminar to help real people find real ways to balance out their lifestyle so it s supportive for your health but also in a way you can enjoy and will still be able to live your life!  

It would be nice to spend all day just preparing healthy meals, relaxing and feeling no stress, but reality is we live in a high paced society with many demands so we will help you to balance it in a way that works in your world!  Yes it is possible to do this as I know first hands as I have walked the journey in the midst of running businesses, raising kids and all the other demands! 

 This is why I have created this very real and very doable life management system to keep you on track even when you are going full force!  Are you ready to really transform this time?  Let’s do this!  Register below!




What are you waiting for?

Your transformation awaits you! 

Attend live at our studio or via live stream Worldwide!

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