Is It A Lemon Or Not?

Is it a LEMON or not?

When is a lemon a lemon and when is it not??

You may say if its yellow and sour then it is a lemon right?  Well that is not always the case!  I am not speaking of the fruit but rather the concept of whether something meeting the legal, ethical, moral or not metaphor!  

The interesting part is we as human beings sometime can justify behavior or decisions based on part of the LEMON acronym.  This could be used to justify behavior or decisions that based on the “well it is legal” premise even if the action or decision violates the personas ethics or morals.  The antithesis is true where someone could justify an illegal or unethical behavior based on their representation that it meets their moral code!

In the video we used a couple scenarios to help you to get the concept of LEMON.  There are literally thousands of examples we could use and many different viewpoints that would affect everyone’s interpretation of the LEMON test.

What I would like to leave you with today is the following:

When making a decision to do something or behave in a certain way ask yourself:

  1. Is this legal? If no it obviously fails the first test and you need go no further!

  2. Is this ethical.  How will this be perceived by others and how will it affect others?  If the answers are negative then it’s probably not good. If the answers are positive then you can proceed to the next level.

  3. Is this moral?  Does it match your standards, they way you are at your core, your spiritual beliefs and will it have positive returns to you?  If you get positive answers to all three then it passes the LEMON test!  

  4. Remember when doing this you must be completely honest with your self and not create justifications.  It becomes very clear very quickly whether the action or choice is Legal, Ethical and Moral Or Not! 

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