Lew Bronstein Longwood Personal Trainer And Life Coach

Lew Bronstein Personal trainer & Life Coach

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because together we  make them happen!

Longwood Personal Trainer And Life Coach

Coach Lew Bronstein CFT,CPLC,CSMC, CPNLP

When is "now" the time to step up!?

Are you ready to make lasting transformation in your body and your life?

Do you feel like you have tried everything?  Do you seem to lack the motivation or knowledge you need to succeed?

Training with Lew can be the answer for you!

Lew Bronstein founded Revitalize Life Fitness and Life Coaching in 2004 and has dedicated his life and focus to developing ways to help everyone take control of their bodies, emotions and focus to begin living the life they deserve!  Make sure to check out Lew’s bio below!

You may ask.. How can personal training benefit me?

Personal Training provides:


When you commit and schedule something you are more likely to follow through.  You are also accountable to you trainer to show up!  At Revitalize Life fitness we use state of the art equipment as well as electronic state of the art exercise tracking and we also have one of the most sophisticated by fat and body composition equipment to help track your progress an all levels not only the scale!  Know what is really going on with your fitness and your body!


Your Personal Trainer is educated in anatomy, program design and motivation!  This is very important because it is important to understand the science of how and why the body responds in a certain way, how to handle plateau and other physiological responses and most importantly how to connect the mind and body so that you have the beliefs that help carry you through to your goals!  Your Personal Trainer will know how to take you outside of your comfort zone to help you progress while keeping you safe from injury!

Self Confidence:

There is power in developing an ” I can” belief in yourself!  Most people join a gym or hire a trainer for the purpose of losing weight or toning up, right?  Truth is the weight loss and better looking body is the side effect!  The real transformation comes in the healthier body function, increased energy,elevated mood and emotions, increased self confidence and yes of course a more attractive body!  Would you feel better if you had more energy and look in the mirror and truly love what you see? If your answer is yes, the don’t wait another minute call today at 321.765.3481  and let’s get you on the road to transformation with Coach Lew Bronstein your Longwood Personal Trainer!

What you should expect from personal training:

There are many different facets to how you will benefit from having a personal trainer.  Some of we already spoke about above and more!  You will gain confidence and more ability in every day life as you become stronger, gain energy and confidence.

Working with your trainer will also avoid the pitfalls of self training including boredom, lack of equipment, safety hazards, not using proper form and the ever dreaded plateau that occurs when you start to progress and your body adapts and stops changing.

Lew your Longwood Personal Trainer will anticipate and see the signs of plateau and adjust your program as needed!  We also provide a motivating environment where we combine music and encouragement to make your work out fun and motivating!

Personal Training programs we have available to you to suit your personal needs:

We have personal training programs for all ages, fitness levels and specific goals! Whether you are a high school kid looking to fine tune your skills for sports, senior looking to gain or maintain mobility and flexibility or somewhere in between we have custom tailored ways to help you achieve your needs and goals!

Our Xpress20 Burn or Xpress20 Build programs are our most cost and time efficient programs that have outstanding results.  You are in and out in less than 30 minutes including warm up and cool down so anyone can fit this in to a busy schedule…even on a lunch break!

We also have 30, 45 and 60 minute training sessions for those who are at a higher fitness level or have already progressed beyond the Xpress20 and are looking for the next level!

Join us at Revitalize Life Fitness and begin your journey to a healthy and happier body and life today with your Longwood Personal Trainer Lew Bronstein.

Call today 321.765.3481 or click here to contact us!

About Lew:

Lew Bronstein born in Buffalo New York grew up in the auction business and always had a desire to live in a warmer more active climate.  Over the years Lew spent a lot of time traveling around conducting auctions. That involved lots of driving and flying and as you can imagine not the healthiest choices for food nor proper exercise.   One day after a routine health screening came the wake up call!  He had gained over 40 pounds above his heal;thy weight and had cholesterol of over 325 and triglycerides in the 700’s! Leading the doctor to give him the early death sermon if he did not medicate!

That day was a major epiphany for him!  It was two days before he was going to an Anthony Robbins seminar in Chicago and he new it was time for change!  At that point he refused the meds and agreed with the doctor to revisit the blood work in 30 days.  He wanted to make new distinctions and see what the health portion of the seminar could teach him!  During that weekend Lew found that he only thought he was eating healthy and working out and decided to make radical change!  After making a major change in dietary lifestyle as well as hiring a trainer to assist him Lew lost 20+ pounds! He brought his cholesterol to 180 and triglycerides to early 100’s in a matter of a little over 60 days!  Ultimately by continuing the journey Lew lost 40+ pounds! Best part he has kept it off!

Going back to the doctor and hearing that it can’t be possible to change like that, a fire was lit!  Lew made a decision to shift gears and go in the direction of helping other to achieve above average transformation as this had become a passion to help!  Long story short was it was belief and action combined that created his own person journey!  Was it work? Yes! Was it dedication? Yes!  Was it worth? 100 times over yes!!

Not only had that weekend spurred Lew to make change it also ignited the passion to not only help people to become more fit and healthy but also to gain control over all aspects of their lives! Here is where an extraordinary life coach was also born!  Lew has combined much life experience with in depth and hands on education to create amazing fitness and life coaching programs that are expedient and long lasting!  Make sure to visit our Life Coaching page to find out more about how life coaching can transform all aspects of your life!  Lew combines the best of both worlds to give you a truly compelling, effective and long lasting transformation!

Lew is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association(ISSA), Certified Professional Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (CPNLP) with  the International Certification Board for Hypnotherapists, NESTA Certified Core Conditioning Specialist (CCS), Spencer Institute Certified Stress Management Coach (CSMC) and Graduate of AR Mastery University and Leadership Academy!

In Lew’s own words…” Change is automatic, even if you do nothing change will occur and it may not be the change you want…. It is calculated transformation that will create the destiny you want and deserve!  Take charge and create an amazing life not one that is directed by the status quo!”



Live your life with energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Lew Bronstein

Train and grow with Longwood Person Trainer Lew Bronstein.

Stop looking at start doing Longwood Personal Trainer Lew Bronstein founder of Revitalize Life Fitness and Life Coaching is ready to help you along you journey for personal training and life coaching in Longwood, Orlando, Winter park, Winter Springs and surrounding areas!

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