Monday Motivation-The Alarm Clock

Motivational Monday

Coach Lew Bronstein

Is your Monday alarming you??

Hi Everyone!

Coach Lew with revitalize Life Fitness & Life Coaching here today to talk to you about setting the tone for your week.

Have you ever started out a Monday and it seems everything was going wrong and you found yourself saying “it’s gonna be one of those days” or “this is gonna be a rough week”?

Well you are not alone.  Many people dread Monday mornings!  There have been studies that show more heart attacks occur on Monday mornings than any other day!

It is important to know off the bat that there is no mystical force or evil demon causing Monday to be a “bad day”! As a matter of fact most highly successful people actually love Mondays!

Truth is that you are either the one who determines your Monday or any day at that matter!  There are several factors that will determine your Monday and your week.

One thing to consider is your sleep cycles.  There are 4 cycles to sleep:

  1. Light sleep which is the point where you are falling asleep or should I say rather transitioning in to sleep.

  2. Deep sleep which is the formless restorative sleep

  3. The next level of deep sleep

  4. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep which is the active dreaming sleep.   

The 4 step sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes and repeats several times a night.  Optimally you should wake after REM sleep feeling rested and refreshed.  The challenge is we don’t always wake up in the right stage.   

The biggest reason I am bringing this up is the snooze button on your alarm clock or smart phone can be your worst enemy.  When you hit snooze you go back to the 1st sleep stage and then are jarred back out of the beginning sleep cycle leaving your mind and body confused.  

Here is my challenge to you! Actually a two step challenge.

First off for ten days commit to not hit the snooze and immediately get out of bed upon waking.  Second adjust your bed time until you can wake before the alarm goes off  allowing you take wake in the right cycle!  This will benefit your mind and your body immensely!  I share these concepts with you not only as a Sleep Sciences Coach but even more form personal experience!

If you have not watched the video please do and the commit to 10 days to follow through with the challenge by keeping a journal of how you are sleeping, how you feel, your energy level, your cognizance and how your personal interactions with others has changed.

In addition to getting you rest in order the other factor to starting any day right is the questions you ask yourself when you do awaken. Do you ask something like “why the hell do I have to get so early?” or maybe you could ask something more productive like “what do I have to be grateful for today and how can I make this the best day ever?”.  It is my belief that the questions you ask, especially the first questions you ask yourself are what really determine your your perception of your day.  After all it is your perception of your day that determines how you feel, correct?

Please feel free to send us your comments and share your experiences while doing this challenge.  Remember to make sure you do at least 10 days on this challenge AND if you get great results you are allowed to do it for life!  My belief is when you find something that works use it!!

Click here to email me any questions or comments you may have!

Need help creating a sleep or stress reduction plan please feel free to reach about about Sleep Science and Stress Management Coaching.  

Coach Lew Bronstein is a Certified Sleep Sciences and Stress Management Coach.  

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