Monday Motivation Pain And Pleasure

Pain and pleasure the twin forces that drive motivation!

Do you have the”P” you need? 

Most people have plenty of “P” but do they know what to do with it?? 

Did you know there are actually two “P’s” that you need to make use of???

So this introduction probably sounds kind of silly so far, right? 

 Well that was the plan…….To GET YOUR ATTENTION!    You see I tend to do quirky little things like stories, catchy titles and crazy analogizes so you don’t just learn the concepts we are teaching but make them so relate able that you can use them on autopilot and on demand!! 

 The old school of learning was memorization and repetition. 

 The new style is relating the known quickly to the unknown so it makes sense and you can use it at the drop of a hat! Make sense?  So with that in mind let’s journey in to the deep blue “P” In reality “P” is actually three parts to one outcome!

Pain, Pleasure and Power!  There is an equation for this and that would be:  

 Pain pushing + Pleasure pulling = Power to motivate!   Let’s start with the definition of each!   

Pain is the emotion caused by not taking action or from not living up to your own standards.  

Pain can come from outside sources which we call external pain or perceived or self inflicted pain. 

Pleasure is the emotion that comes from a feeling of being congruent with who you are at your core!  

Pleasure can come from an external source such as a loving touch or compliment or internal source such as being proud of yourself!   

Why is this pain pleasure thing so important?  Because it is what drives motivation!

How does it do this?
Think of pain as the push to drive you forward.  For instance when a deadline such as doing your taxes is eminently close it becomes so painful you finally step up and do them because the pain of not doing them becomes stronger than the pain of talking action and doing them!

Think of pleasure as the pull to move forward, the excitement and the reward! This is the part that will keep the momentum!

In the video below we will delve in to the full spectrum of how this all works and use several relate able examples.

The biggest thing to remember is that you need both pain and pleasure to drive your motivation to equal the power to succeed!

Pain + Pleasure + Power when you use them congruently to achieve. 

 Plainly said use the pain to push you to take action, the pleasure to keep you moving towards your goal and in the process you are developing the power (emotional endurance) to keep moving forward!

This is a very intricate process that requires you to find the proper balance and pain vs pleasure for each scenario!

For now I leave you with the concept that pain can be a great motivator initially but it is a must to use the other side of the equation (pleasure) to make it sustainable and lasting!  AND make sure you watch the whole video to get the full training!

Step up my Friends and always live with energy, passion and always live your dream!

-Coach Lew



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