Monday Motivation Putting It All Together

Now that you have the tools, lets put it all together

Monday Motivation With Coach Lew

Summing it all up!


Over the last month or so we have been discussing and researching the ins and outs of this thing called Motivation

During this process with Coach Lew you may have discovered some great ideas you can use!  You may have also made some distinctions about yourself that are very useful!  You may have gotten excited and actually started implementing some or all of the material! 

So are you on your way to your outcomes?  Are you feeling more motivated?  Are you growing and contributing daily??

My wish for you is that you have turned it all around and everything is going full speed ahead and you are totally fulfilled!  If so, kudos and keep rockin!  If not quite as you would like, I have great news!   There may be a missing component!  That would be how to put it all together and integrate what you have learned!


First off lets review what tools we have accessed, what distinctions we have made and see what has helped your progress and what my have slowed or derailed your progress!

  • Motivation 101

We learned that for anything you want in life you must have a clear vision and outcome.  Your outcome has to be compelling to drive you and this is what we termed the power of “Y” aka why we want it!  Why or “Y” will drive you more than anything else ever will.  It is your purpose and your reason… So choose your Y very well!


  • Your State Of Motivation

We learned motivation is not a thing or a talent rather a learned state of being! Simply put it is a state!  We then learned that the state of motivation is a triad (triangle) (3 sides to one being) of physical, psychological and spiritual. Learning to integrate them is where all the power is!  Motivation is not a science or an art rather two sides of the same coin in other words there is guidelines and rules but you must ad your own personality and outcomes to the equations!

  • Emotional Endurance

This is the stage where you know your outcome and are taking action and then shit gets knocked sideways and things outside of your control derail your plans!  This is where it is most important to focus on the outcome and your reasons why! This will pull you through the hard times and get you right back on the path! It is always good to anticipate some of the pitfalls and have a plan for when they come up! I give several examples in the training video below!

  • Pain and pleasure.

 These are the primary drivers of what we do or choose not to do!  Simply put pain is the push and pleasure the pull!  The carrot and stick scenario.  Pain and pleasure can both be your friend as long as you control them rather than them controlling you. In the video training I address this with an example that will help you put it in to perspective!

The equation is this… Pain+Pleasure (properly             harnessed) = the power to succeed!


  • Motivation Anchors!

Have you set them up?  These are the physiological and psychological anchors that we worked on setting up.  If you have not set them up you are missing out! Go back to that training and go through it until you get good at anchoring!  This will set you free!

  • Use the power of Y to drive everything you do!

Use the power of Y to drive everything you do!  Are you still using the power of Y with your outcomes and goals, have you lost track of what your Y really is?  You will know if your motivation level is high or low!


  • Strategic Planning

Strategic planning   Define outcome-mission statement   Do you have a plan?  Have you set your mile stones? Are you celebrating your wins and making sure you are growing from your short comes?


  • Power Of Your Team

The top 5 people you spend your time with become the sum of who you are!  This becomes very apparent in income levels, standards, health and wellness and many other aspects of life!

If your family or others close to you that are not supporting your growth and standards you have two options, first help them grow to a better level or ultimately distance yourself.  Does this mean family too? Absolutely!  Love your family but by all means pick your peers. 

 If someone if holding you back, compromising your standards or just plain a drain you need to distance from that.  You can still love, care or support but not in a way where it takes away from you! 

Your top 5 = YOU! Chooses wisely!


Starting next Monday for the month of May we are going to delve in to H1 the Genesis of it all!

The reality is no matter how good you are at your job, business, parenting etc you need health and energy to be the best.

If you don’t have health and optimal energy you can not and I repeat can not be the best at what you do!  When you have optimal health and high energy you will ultimately be much better at everything else you do! 


 We very much go on the premise that is not some much the quantity of life as the quality! Being mobile, energetic and disease free as you get older is so important to being able to enjoy a long prosperous life!  Make sure to tune in every Monday for the month of May to find tips and cool concepts to live with even more passion and energy so you truly can live your dreams!

-Coach Lew





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