Monday Motivation Y Crusade!

The "Y" Crusade! What's up for April

So we have marched right through March at record speed if I may say so my self!

What have you accomplished this month?

Did you accomplish more as a result of this series on Monday Motivation?

Did you make some new distinctions that have made you more productive and more fulfilled?

If so, why do you think that is?

Maybe it is that thing called the “power Of Y”!

I firmly believe when you have that “Y” or why in what you are doing it drives you to be the best, give your best and contribute in ways that make it the best!

Knowing why you want something, why it is important and why it will give you the desired outcome is the key to success in all aspects of your life!

I know you are thinking we have covered this time and time again! So very true! Do you know why?  Because it is the basis of all success whether that is personal, business or family, success all starts wit your compelling reasons why!  Knowing you “Y” will drive you further than any other aspect of the equation!  The most important thing is to make sure your “Y” is so compelling that you want it as much as you want to take your next breath!  Why creates the passion. energy, emotion endurance and the ability to create a plan!

So before I tell you about what we have coming up in April let us review the steps for success one more time to make sure you have it wired in!  Also you can review your results from the last month and see how this has either gotten further ahead and how yo got there or how you can improve this month!

Steps for success:

  1. Decide what it is you want!

  2. Find your “y”  What is the reason(s) that it is a must!  Make sure these are compelling and excite you!

  3. Make a detailed plan or as we call it map or gps

  4. Review and gauge where you are at and make adjustments as necessary

  5. Celebrate your success

  6. Begin the search for what is next because remember we have a need to continue to grow

This is a combination of science and art so you will get better as you grow, learn and practice this!  Does it make sense that if you can be better, enjoy more and contribute more that you should?

With that quick review done lets look at April’s schedule:

All lives in this series will take place Mondays at 7:30AM at

The full post with training video is available shortly there after along with the replay of the live at

So here is the schedule:

Week 1 Understanding the power of “Y” and how to use it

Week 2 Strategic planning to win

Week 3 H1, why your health must come first!

Week 4 Understanding your TEAM and how they can make or break you

Week 5 How to balance it all out!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Make this the beginning of a life filled with success, health, wealth, growth and contribution!

-Coach Lew 


Get your work sheet and get going on your goals!

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen.

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