Motivation 101

Motivation 101
Make your life the best it's ever been!

So you have decided to take the journey with us and explore what motivation is, can do for you and why you need it!

I am very excited that you have chosen to study and implement the tools of true motivation in to your life!

So what really is this big word called motivation?

Is it saying affirmations over and over till you believe something to be true?  Let’s explore that though for a second!  Some people say that you must say it before you can believe it whether out loud or in your head.  Are they accurate?  Well here are a couple schools of though on that…

First if you think positive thought, expect positive outcomes BUT don’t take action, the chances of success are minimal!  True point that you need to know the outcome you are after and you should focus on it (all the time!), you must state it in the positive, focus on the positive and truly believe you can!  All of the above are parts of the winning motivation mindset but make no mistake that you must take massive action combined with the focus and belief that you have set forth!

Secondly a similar but kind of reverse scenario could be you get and idea and immediately take some actions but you have failed to plan for it or you may not really believe you can make it!  This is like setting out on a journey with out a map or even knowing where you want to end up specifically and thinking that you will truly get your result!  I hate to use the old metaphor that if you are looking for a sunset and you continually run East you will never find it, but it is true that you must set your GPS in life specifically and I mean very specifically to arrive at your goal!

So in a nutshell what you want to do is combine a specific outcome or destination, create a plan, set your GPS to aim for it and take every imaginable ounce of energy you have an d put it in to action!

So what does this all have to do with motivation?


Let me break it down for you here!

Motivation is a feeling or should we say an emotion that must be fueled initially but then becomes fuel ultimately! 

So at first you must fuel it and then it fuels you? YES!

You see it is easy when you have a new idea to fantasize and imagine how great something will be.  So in essence you have an idea that excites you.  You begin to create a plan and it begins to become real.  In this stage you are fueling your motivation because it is new and exciting, right?  As you plan and set up to take action you are fueling this excitement, determination and vision for what you believe you are after!

Now is where the work begins and you are taking action and this is where the motivation begins to fuel you.  See as we all know action takes energy, action takes work, action may come with set backs and things you didn’t anticipate and worse case set backs and disappointments!  This my friends is when you need the motivation to fuel you!  This is when you tap in to the power of why aka the power of Y to keep you going, keep you focused and keep you excited!  Case in point is there something you have in your life right now that was just a dream at some point?   Where you super excited about it when you began to pursue it?   Where there times along the way where you were ready to give up on it?  Supposing for the example that you achieved it, are you still stoked and excited about it or do you take it for granted.  Have you continued to grow it or let it stagnate?  Here is where motivation is key!  The motivation to keep going and keep growing!  A prime example of this is relationships!

Many times people meet, really seem to click and make a decision to go forward.  Both people are motivated to please, contribute and are excited about the relationship initially. THEN there is work(as all relationships are), there are upsets, setbacks and the like.  At that point both may be motivated to fix or breakthrough challenges and many times that motivation makes things even better and keeps it growing.  The challenge is when the motivation drops because the feel secure and then comes the kiss of death.  The motivation that once carried the relationship has diminished or disappeared and instead of growing the relationship is dying!

So I will ask you now…How important is motivation in:






Health and Wellness

and the list goes on and on!

At this point I think we have established motivation is key to everything you really want or desire, yes?

After all that to help drive home how important motivation is in all aspects of your life, defining that motivation is an emotion fuel by the power of why and understanding that motivation is not a temporary part of life but rather a permanent piece of who, what and how you are.  You may ask how do I get this motivation?  What if I am not one of those rah rah people?  How do I learn it?

Motivation is not something you are born with nor does it have to show up as a cheer leader attitude rather a resolve with in yourself that makes you push through when its tough, always look to learn and grow during the journey and harness the power of why to keep you on track no matter what!


-Coach Lew 


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