My goodness or my bad

My goodness or my bad?? Find out!

My goodness or my badness!

What is the meaning of this? 

What we are talking about on the video training is:

  1. How to spot when someone has an addiction to something by the wording and/or body language!

  2. How to figure out how to interact with others by determining the meaning they are giving something and communicating in the way way they understand it not necessarily the way you do.

  3. How to interpret your own inner dialogue to understand whether your “my” is a sign of an addition to something or an ownership scenario!

  4. Creating positive ownership rather than addictions to scenarios for yourself and others!

Stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring meanings are the fastest ways to change stopping blocks in life to opportunities, turning tragedies in to victories and the beginning of living a life that you deserve and can be proud of!

Step up today and get the life you deserve!

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-Coach Lew 

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