Setting Up Your Motivation Anchor

Setting Up your motivation anchor!

Anchoring your motivation! 

Why would you want to anchor motivation, you may ask? 

 An anchor sounds like something that would be heavy and hold something in place, correct?  Well in the vernacular of boating that would be correct! 

 In relation to Motivation however it means to be able to set up a way that you can fire off the powerful motivation emotions instantly, efficiently and anytime you need it!

Would it be useful for you to be able to get in to a motivated state in an instant no matter what is going on around you, how tired you may be or even when you initially just don’t feel very motivated?  

I would venture to say you may be thinking or even saying aloud “heck yes!”.  

Have you ever come across someone who manages to get motivated and step up even when all heck is breaking lose?

  Did yo ever wonder how they became “that kind of person”? 

 Did you ever wish you could just manage to get motivated to do something but you just can’t seem to get going? 

 What is missing is your motivation anchor!   Anchors are a technique used in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  

The premise behind an anchor is to set up a way to fire off a highly positive emotional state by a certain and specific action at will. 

Wow this sounds like a lot of work, yes? 

Truth is a little work can go a long way if you follow the proper procedure and make sure you set the anchor with top emotional energy!  

Would you like to know how to do this? 

Yes?  Well then let’s step up and anchor your motivation!  Here are the steps for setting and anchor!

First: Get in state!

Put you body and your mind in a peak state of being!  The way you do this is by combining your physiology and psychology! 

 Take 2-3 minutes and focus on a time when you feel amazingly unstoppable and successful, at the same time move your body like you are an unstoppable force!  You can also incorporate some verbal cues that make you feel unstoppable as well! 

Do this until you are feeling totally unstoppable, totally excited and get this to a peak spot!

Second: Set your anchor!

Then you will do an explosive (even if discreet motion) that is unique at the peak of your emotional and physical activity! 

 This could be a power move that you create such as slapping your chest, snapping your fingers or throwing your fist in the air!  

 Make sure it is something unique and something memorable that you can use at anytime.  Now you may need a more subtle move you can use all the time even in a meeting so it does not have to be something that you could not reasonably do in certain situations. 

 Hint, you can install a couple anchors as to be able to use the full out when appropriate or the more covert anchor for the appropriate situations

Third: Test your anchor! 

 Force yourself back in to an resourceful state and then fire off your anchor and see if it works!  If you find it fires off an outstanding response you have installed your anchor correctly!  If it is sort of luke warm you need to go back to step one and re-install it with more intensity! 

  This is worth the effort to do it right as it will pay off 1000 fold done properly! 

The last step is to condition the anchor by stacking!  Stacking is where you go back to step one and add more emotion, more physiology and really pour on the power of “Y”, the why you need this maximum level of motivation availability at your finger tips! 

 The cool part is you can always work to intensify the anchor if you feel it is dwindling! Initially this process may be clunky and clumsy but if you practice anchoring often and use it for different states and emotions you will become a pro at this and the result will be a much higher level of motivation when you need it the most and a much more passionate life! Remember initially it may require more work to set these anchors BUT as you practice and refine this you will find it gets easier and more effective!  Let me ask you one question…. If you could have the emotions and motivation you want at your finger tips, why wouldn’t you??   

Live with energy, passion and always live your dreams! 

 Need help with anchoring?  Book a life coaching session with Coach Lew and we can set the platform for your motivation and success! 

-Coach Lew 


 Watch the video below for the full training and the listen to the audio which will guide you through the process!

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