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Seminar LIVE

March 29th 2020

Live in person at our studio or via live streaming world wide!

$49 PP

Seminar and materials included!

Revitalize Life Recommended Products

Nutri-Bullet RX Blender

The power you need with the simplicity you can use!

The Nutri-Bullet RX has the power to crush!Find out more about the Nutri Bullet RX and some cool recipes here!

Polar h10 heart Rate Monitor

By far the best heart rate monitor available today! Coupled with the Polar Beat App you get the best heart rate and work out data!

Coach Lew top pick right here!

DoTerra On Guard Cleaner

The same amazing cleaner we use at the gym. Available at studio or online

No harsh chemicals, disinfecting and pleasant On Guard scent!

Cleans amazing! Learn more!


Raw Organic Peruvian Cacao

Far better than chocolate and will give you the chocolate you crave without the chemicals, preservatives and toxins you don’t!

Truly one of natures super foods 

Coach Lew’s top pick for cacao!

Detox Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath For Detoxifying the body

Use negative ions to draw toxins, debris and other waste out of your body via the feet!  Get amazing results you can see and feel.

Coach Lew and Jen recommended!


Untox from Dr Gundry

Detox your body with this amazing formula developed by renowned cardiologist Dr Gundry who is also the author of The Plant Paradox. 

 Dr Gundy has done massive research on Lectins and other toxins. Amazing product!!

DoTerra Pure Essential Oils

We proudly carry what we have found to be the best essential oils available today!  Essential oils have many medicinal and every day uses that come with out the harsh side effects and chemicals found in most commercial products!


Amazing CBD Oils

CBD has become one of the fastest growing supplements available today! The key is getting them from a reputable and reliable source. 

We source ours from NuLeaf Naturals based in Colorado.

We believe these are the best quality we have found to date!

We have them available at the studio or for online order, click the button below for your best options!

From $38

About us

Revitalize Life Fitness is more than a gym in Longwood Florida!

We are a multi faceted fitness and life coaching facility.  If you are local you can benefit from out well equipped studio here in Longwood Florida.

If you are not local you can benefit from live coaching via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and more!  

We encourage you whether you are close or far to take advantage of our in depth blog loaded with healthy lifestyle and success hacks that will propel your life and body to the next level!

On this page we bring you the best products that we recommend and where to find them including from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases that are made through our site link so please use these to help us to continue bringing you the best content and best product recommendations out here!


Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dream
-Coach Lew

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