Storm Coming?

Let's take September by storm!
The countdown is on!

The storm came and went so now what?

There was a lot of stress, mess and worry that paralyzed an economy for a week!  

The learning experience from this is that most of the time the fear is way worse than facing the situation head on! 

This shows through in all aspects of life!  Think of the first time you rode a roller coaster, spoke in public or maybe jumped out of a plane.  You may have been shaking in your boots and then the moment of truth hit where you stepped up and did it, then you realized all the stress and fear was for nothing because you actually enjoyed it and ….survived it!  Maybe you had that moment where you said that was awesome, let’s do it again?

Wow! That was what it was like to be a kid!   Why don’t we be kids again and stop boxing ourselves in with the “I can’ts and the if only’s”?  

The one thing as we age we seem to have less of is energy, right?  Wrong!  That is something that you can regain or actually have more of if you take control of your life, your diet and you level of activity!

On September 29th 2019 we will be holding our half day seminar HEALS!  Our Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Seminar covers all aspects of balancing a healthy lifestyle that not only helps you maintain a healthy weight, gives you more energy BUT is fun, sustainable and delicious! How does that sound for a change of pace!

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The seminar can be attended live in person at our studio or remotely live streamed at your location 

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