Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning!
Let's get it done! Let's be fulfilled!
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Strategic planning is key to your success!

I sincerely hope you are getting serious value for our training and live videos because they are designed to help you learn, grow and implement ideas and actions that will change your life!
Today we are discussing the art and science of strategic planning!  Why do I call it an art and science?  
The truth is that there are specific scientific formulas that are tried and proven to work and when you add your person Power Of Y and you draw from your own experience and growth it becomes a work of art!
So with no further to do lets get to the training!
What is Strategic Planning and how do I use it?
Strategic planning is the way to achieve your goals or outcomes in an efficient, proficient and timely fashion!  It is also a way to help you and others learn, grow and contribute in the process!
Here are the steps to Strategic Planning
First Define your specific outcome aka mission statement! 
Make sure it is quantifiable, achievable, sustainable and has a very compelling “Y” attached to it!
Second make a plan that includes your mission statement (“Y”), time line for achievement, your “who, what and how” resources and options which include how to mitigate problems when they arise and how to learn acceleration techniques from steps that go better than planned! Use these techniques as tools for future planning!
Third set your milestones!  These are mini goals or outcomes that must occur during the process to ensure you are on track.  Must be specific and adhere to a specific timeline.
Fourth, Celebrate your wins and learn from your short-comes.  Keep a written journal of what you achieved, what you have learned, how did this serve you and others and who you have become during the journey!  In the grand scheme of all of it we have found it is great to achieve but even greater to achieve when you couple it with growth and contribution!
In essence strategic planning helps you to find the real value in success and that is the art of being fulfilled by it!  What we don’t want to is to achieve and the get the “is that all there is feeling” rather we want to achieve, be fulfilled and have satisfaction in the process, correct?  Great! make sure to watch both videos and remember each video, audio and written portion of every training have key components and fit together for the overall concept so please make sure to interact with them all!

-Coach Lew 


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