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Stress management or relief

How bad is it?
Stress relief vS. stress management

The good the bad and the ugly of stress!

Stress can be one of the major precursors to disease, divorce, career failure and so on in the world we live in today!

Stress is an ancient physiological response that was originally was designed for survival but has morphed in to this destructive force that creates problems in many peoples health, wellness and psychology!

In the video Coach Lew will cover the different types of stress that have profound differences!

We will also cover the differences between stress reduction and stress management! 

Both are necessary and it does not come down to one or the other rather a balance between the two!

Remember not all stress is bad either as you will learn in the video!

See wait no more click on the video and let’s take on this monster called stress!!!

Live with Faith, Energy , Passion and Always Live YOUR Dream!

-Coach Lew 



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