juicing for health

Sweet Potato Pie Power Juice

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juicing for health

Sweet Potato Pie Power Juice!

This is an amazingly delicious juice that will energize your day and satisfy your tatse buds!

Sweet Potato Pie Power Juice by Coach Lew!



1 Large organic sweet potato

1 Large organic mango

2-3 Organic Granny Smith Apples

1-2 Large organic lemons or limes

1″ Piece of organic turmeric root

1″ Piece of organic ginger root

4-5 Organic carrots 

1-2 Drops of black pepper oil or a pinch or super fine ground organic black pepper. This helps to synergize the absorption of turmeric!

Rinse all veggies and cut in to manageable sizes for your juicer.  It is important to use a low speed masticating juicer to avoid over heating the juice and to protect the integrity of the nutrients and enzymes. 

Coach Lew recommends the Omega Vertical Juicer.

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Once you juice all the ingredients add one or two drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil and mix. 

Please make sure you are using an essential oil made for human consumption. You can tell becuase it will have the nutritonal facts label. The best way you can make sure to get a consumable oil is to order one from Doterra or get them directly from us at the studio! 

Consuming juice immediately after juicing is always best to get the most nutrition for it!  You can store the juice refrigerated for up to 2 additional days.  I strongly suggest storing juice in glass mason jars rather than plastic containers!

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A note from Coach Lew..

Always remember to live with energy, passion and always live your dream!



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