The B Word

The "B" Word ...
Why you need it!

The “B” word! 

You need it…but it is not what you think!

The truth is the word is belief! 

Coach Lew will teach you about how your beliefs control every experience in your life!

A belief is nothing more than the way you process life events and create a belief about the way it is!

Beliefs can help you control the meaning any event in life has to you.

An example of a belief could be all rich people are greedy. Now that may be a belief that came from someone interaction with someone who behaved in a greedy fashion and they had a lot of money, so that person developed a belief that rich people are greedy.  Contrast that with the person who was having hard times and someone who was rich and helped them to get on their feet. The second person may have the belief that rich people are generous!

So it is not whether someone is rich or not it is the experience that someone may have with them that determines the belief that is formed. 

This “rich person” in the examples could be the same person. Remember the Charles Dickens story?  He initially came across as greedy and then had a massive change.  Someone who met him prior to his epiphany many belive he was mean and greedy and someone who met him after would call him kind and generous.

The difference being, the belief that is linked up by how you interpret the person, situation, scenario etc!

So just with that example can you see where your beliefs really can control the quality of life! 

So much more in the video so make sure you watch the whole thing!


-Coach Lew 


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