Time is the one thing…

Time...The one thing
Let's talk about time baby!

Time, My Friends is the one thing that we are all equal with!
There are people who say everyone is equal. Not completely true! In Gods eyes and as it should be that we treat each other as equal human beings, yes! 
Truth be told though not everyone is born with equal intelligence, equal physical capability or opportunity!  Yes, you can develop and become anyone and anything you want to be but it is not just an equal given at birth.
The one thing that is equal no matter where you live, where you were born, what your name is, what family you were born in to is…..TIME!
There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day!
Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day?  Are you envious of those people who seem to have their “shit together” and get everything accomplished and still have time for the important stuff?  
 Do you wish you could find the big secret of how they do it, when you can’t even make a dent in that to do list?
My Friend you are not alone!  Stress is at an all time high and even with the amazing technology we have there seems to be a lack of production!
The biggest reason why is that we are focused on the wrong part of the equation,,,That damn to do list!
If we focus on what we have to do all the time and how overwhelming it is, we would go crazy!
We need instead to shift the focus to the outcome we are looking for in the given scenario!
One you know the outcome you must reinforce it with the reasons why it is important.  This gives you the power of “Y”.  Once you know why you are doing something to get you to that outcome you have the emotional fuel!
Lastly you do need a list of actions that will get you there.  Your GPS to the destination!
The thing to keep in mind is that sometimes you do a few of the actions on the list and BOOM you hit the outcome!  That is the time you stop going through the motions of this action list as you have achieved what you wanted.  See this is where most people get so focused on what to do and they keep on taking actions after they have already succeeded that are no longer necessary!  
That is not to say that follow up after you achieve your outcome is not necessary, but it is most definitely important to know that once you have hit your outcome all or at least much of your to do list becomes obsolete!
There are lots of examples in the live replay and the training video to help clarify these tools!
It is my wish that this simple training helps you to get control of and maximize your time so you can have that valuable time to do the important things in life that give you the fulfillment you deserve!
This can be a very complex (at first) system to develop but once you get it you will save hours of you valuable time!
If you need some coaching on this subject please reach out and we can set up a session or sessions to get you to become a master of your time!
Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dream!
-Coach Lew

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