Use the power of Y to drive you

Put the power of "y" to work for you!

“Y” or “Why” is the power that drives us!

First off lets begin by saying most people do what they do coming from a positive intent. Even behaviors that seem inappropriate or non productive are almost always based in some sort  of positive intent even if it is not accurate!  Understanding intent usually can help you to understand why you are someone else acts or behaves in a certain way and why they do or do not take action.
So lets delve in to the Power OF Y and how it can serve you!
Everything begins with an idea.  An idea is like your vehicle.  It is what you will use to get to your destination, goal or outcome.  It is great to have a vehicle BUT the vehicle needs fuel, correct?  This is where the Power Of Y comes in, this is the FUEL for the vehicle to get you going and keep you going! Makes sense right?
Once you have your idea aka your vehicle, you have your fuel aka Power Of Why, then you need a map or GPS to guide you to where you are going aka your destination or goal!  Here again is where you fuel “Power Of Y” comes back in as you need to refuel as your journey progresses so you don’t run out of gas!
So now that you have hit your goal or reached your outcome it is the time to reflect and make sure you have not only achieved you goal (your what or quantifiable outcome) but also your true outcome that gives you the satisfaction of your “Y” you did it in the first place known as your fulfillment and purpose!
So! Putting it all together you could simply say your what (idea) is the vehicle, the why is your fuel and your outcome is the destination!  Remember your outcome is way more that just a what goal, rather the satisfaction, fulfillment and contribution of a why based outcome!  Remember to always make sure to focus true outcome and not get caught up in the in just the quantifiable “thing” goal.  The quantifiable is just the measuring stick which we can monitor progress where as the real outcome is who you become, the experiences you have, the learning and growth and the lives you affect in the process!
If this all makes sense to you and you are willing to commit, I challenge you to put the power of “Y” to work for you today!
Remember to always live with energy, passion and always live your dream!

-Coach Lew 


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