What now Holiday Hacks

What Now?
3 Holiday Hacks!

So you have made it through Thanksgiving!  Did you get sick? Are you tired and wore out or are you energetic and ready to kick ass on the last month of 2019?

The difference is in how you treat your body!  If you kept your diet sensible and clean through Thanksgiving, you are probably fine!  If you over indulged, stressed out and didn’t get good rest, you are probably sick or wore out at best!


To help you blaze through Christmas and New Years I have 3 hacks to help you avoid the Holiday ills and be able to enjoy your self while still caring for your health! Hey that rhymes…Didn’t know I was a poet did you?  That makes two of us!!!


Here are the hacks:

1) Drink a good quality alkaline water with fresh lemon juice.  The lemon adds extra alkalinity and adds vitamin C and other minerals.  The alkaline water helps flush out toxins created by sugary food, stress, alcohol and lack of proper rest!

2) Rebounding is amazing because it not only gets your cardiac system pumping, it also gets the lymphatic system flowing which is the body’s sewage system and it has show to help increase bone density!

3) Stay active and eat clean!  Don’t wait till New Years to claim you are going to start a workout program or go on a “diet” after having a hangover from New Years Eve!  Stay clean and stay active now and arrive in to 2020 with energy, feeling great and ready to create the best year ever!!!

Live with Faith, Energy, Passion and Always Live YOUR Dream!

-Coach Lew 

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