What state do you live in?

What state do you live in?
Get in to the state of motivation!

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What is motivation?

Is it a thing?

Is it a skill?

Is it a talent?

Each of the above may be bits and pieces of motivation but….

 The reality is MOTIVATION is  a STATE!

Here is the anatomy of a state:

1) Physiology:  Physiology is the way you use your physical body to effect a feeling or physical response!  A prime example is when there is an emergency and someone does something that would require the strength of many to save someone.  In example someone is pinned under a heavy object that one person could never lift but in the state of emergency and adrenaline over load someone lifts a car off of an injured person!

In this extreme example it proves how important your physiology is.

Bringing it home to a more calculated example would be an example of a business person giving a meeting and prior to walking in to the room taking a deep breathe, making a power move and making sure there posture and movements reflecting high energy!


2) Psychology:  This is also known as the power of focus!

By focusing you emotional energy on the task at hand you can enhance your emotions and energy to approach the task with a clear outcome and a focused energy and the approach.  A prime example of this is visualization.

By visualizing the best outcome for the meeting, the business person can set the tone by approaching the meeting with the focus being the outcome desired and delivering their topic in a passionate manner!


3) Spirituality:  This is not about religion although many time you can link your religious beliefs to give you the spiritual fuel to get the outcome!  What this really is about is the growth and contribution part of your outcome!  This is your power of “Y”.

The why you want something can be the most powerful driver of motivation!

For example in regards to fiances, you may be comfortable where you are and then find out you have a new baby on the way!   We now it is time to step up!  Why?  Because you now have the need to grow to be able to support the new child but even more important may be the burning desire to give the child a great life and contribute to them in a meaningful way!  Those of you who are parents totally get this and those of you who are not yet by all means will get this!!

Long story short the 3 form a triad for the production of any state you desire!  For the purposes of motivation we are going to look at an example of integration of the triad and how they inter connect to create a well balanced and spot on result!

Integrating the triad for maximum results!

To put it in nutshell for you, your physiology, psychology and spirituality must match to get a congruent result!

If you are physically engaged and you mind tells you that you can’t you will fail to achieve the state of motivation.  Likewise if you focus on something and get excited but you physical body is in a state of laziness or you lack energy you will not follow through!

Lastly even if you get your body pumped, get excited and focused but don’t believe in your heart it is possible or feel that it does not meet your ethical, religious or morals you will not be able to truly go in to state!

Whew! This is starting to look like a lot of work for this thing called motivation!  Truth is initially yes it will be more work than doing nothing BUT once you master your ability to align the three parts of the triad you will be able to anchor the state and fire it off a t will.  

Example being, is there something you are already great at that once seemed difficult and you had to refine your skill?  Now that you have you do it automatically and seem to just be on auto pilot!

That is the concept we are after here is teaching you how to activation your motivation when ever and where ever you want or need to!   

We welcome your feed back and questions about motivation and love to hear from you on how our broadcasts are helping you to achieve and be fulfilled!

Of course making transformational changes is a science coupled with an art and has many facets, so we recommend finding a great coach to work with to help you!  

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-Coach Lew 


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