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When is now the time to take control of your body?

Xpress20 Burn and Xpress20 Build are the most time efficient, cost efficient and responsive way to get the body you desire and deserve!

Fast, efficient, cost effective and fun!

Xpress20 at Revitalize Life Fitness Are you ready for weight loss in Longwood and surrounding Orlando area?
Are you ready to be fit and stronger?
Are you ready for more energy?
Look no further! Team Revitalize Life has your solution for weight loss in Longwood!
Xpress20 Burn and Xpress20 Build are designed to be the most effective and time efficient work outs available!
Time efficient, cost efficient and very effective work outs to help you burn fat or gain muscle!

Coach Lew Bronstein and the team of Revitalize Life Fitness have designed an amazing program for you whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle. toning up, gaining energy or all of the above!

Our unique Xpress20 program is extremely effective and proven to get you results!
We realize that finding the time to work with a personal trainer can be a challenge so we designed our Xpress20 to fit anyone’s schedule as you can even get it in during a lunch break! you don’t have to go back home before continuing your day!
We also understand that personal training can be a strain on the budget, so we made Xpress 20 programs extremely affordable! Achieve your health and fitness goals today with Xpress20!

Why Should YOU choose Xpress20?
1)Time efficient! You are in and out the door in under 30 minutes including warm up, your Xpress20 personal training session and cool down!
2) Super effective! Whether you are looking for weight loss, strength training or toning our personal training session will deliver your results as Coach Lew has devised different versions and levels to ensure results!
3) Cost efficient! Let’s face it personal training can get a little pricey (or a lot depending on where you go!) so Team Revitalize Life has brought the cost down to where it is affordable for everyone!
4) Training with Revitalize Life Fitness will ensure that you are given the professional guidance and motivation to get you results in a safe and fun environment. Get the proper mix of cardio and strength training to achieve your specific goals!

We train you in our state of the art studio for fitness and weight loss in Longwood!
So where do you go for weight loss Longwood? Revitalize Life Fitness of course!

Ready to get started? Call us today at 321.765.3481 or visit www.revitalizelife.com

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