You get what you give…NOT!

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You get what you give? NOT!!!

That is what most people believe but the truth is........

The truth is you do not get what you give!


Why not?

What do you get when you do poorly?

You get nothing! When you do something poorly you get little or no results! Do a poor job at work you get fired. Do poorly with you body you get sick, fat and lethargic! Poor should never be a standard for anything!

What do you get when you do good?

Doing "good" should get you good results right? NO!
Doing good gets you poor results! You may ask why?
When you do good the results are disproportionate and you get poor results because good is only partially engaging!
Have you ever heard someone say "I don't know why my spouse left I was a "good" husband or wife?
Prime example of good leading to poor results!

Ugh! Seems so unfair!

What do you get when you do great?

The answer is good results. OMG you are saying so I strive to be great, I bust my butt and give over and above and I get.... well yes good results.
At this point some people give up and say F it! After all who could blame you! You work hard, give more. strive to grow and all you get is good results. Hang in here with me because there is light at the end of the tunnel...Are you ready?

Where are all the rewards then?

Here is the best part! Are you ready for the solution, the answer and the truth? It all lies in being OUTSTANDING! You see going from poor to good is a big jump! I think we could all agree on that.
Going from good to great is a huge jump! This is where people really step up and make a difference. This is also the level where you can feel disillusioned and disappointed because you feel you have given so much and you are getting good rewards but it feels so unfair!
The answer, the passion and the joy is in being outstanding!
You see outstanding is a small jump from greatness! That is the cool part. The other jumps are massive and this one is just a slight step up from greatness.
An example and yes I know it is over used but a great example none the less is that of an Olympian.
The person who has poor motivation is never even has the belief they could do it. The persona who is good at their sport may dream of the Olympics but they will never get even close by being good.
They may be recognized in the local town but that is it.
The person who is great may get in the Olympics, may even do great like say 4th place. What does the 4th best person get? The joy of being there, the benefits of training and growth but do they get a medal? No!
Then there is the bronze and silver winners! They are outstanding! They get almost all the glory and the rewards are disproportionately great compared to those who where great!
BUT there is the gold winner! This truly outstanding person has shown to stand out among them all!
This person may have only been a millisecond faster, just a hair stronger or a little more agile than all the others.
This person has become the truly outstanding and there my friends is where ALL the rewards are!
This is why I encourage you to strive for outstanding! Why settle for anything less for you, your family and your loved ones! Be the person you are born to be...the one who is outstanding at what you love to do and be!

-Coach Lew

Coach Lew

Coach Lew Bronstein founded Revitalize Life Fitness And Life Coaching in 2004.

Revitalize Life was born out of a burning desire for Coach Lew to help others overcome challenges as he did with the guidance of great coaches and trainers.

Coach Lew is Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Sleep Sciences Coach. Certified Core Conditioning Coach and Certified Food Psychology Coach.   

Coach Lew has also completed Mastery University, Leadership Academy and Business Mastery with Anthony Robbins!

Coach Lew has many years of experience with coaching clients in all aspects of life, fitness, relationships and business!

Coach Lew focuses on results but not just any results rather the results that you desire!


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