Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Seminar (HEALS)

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Seminar Longwood

Join us Sunday February 25th 2018 at 1PM for our next Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Seminar at Revitalize Life Fitness & Life Coaching in Longwood.

Do you know what healthy eating and lifestyle really looks like?  Do you believe you could actually enjoy eating foods that are also supportive of your body and you weight loss goals?  Do you feel like you know what to do but lack the motivation?  When is now a great time to find out more of how you can really do this and really enjoy it!!

In this life changing seminar you will learn how to balance all of the aspects affecting your weight, health, energy and learn how to take your body from average and tired to amazing and vibrant!  We will teach you to find your proper balance that gives you the result you want and in a way that you can enjoy!

Coach Lew and Team Revitalize Life will cover:

Healthy Eating that tastes good!  Learn how to make the foods you enjoy more supportive of your body without sacrificing taste!

What is the best exercise for you! There are so many options so why not discover the ones you enjoy?

Proper Hydration… is 8 glasses true?

Proper rest and stress management!  Do you really sleep well?  Are you stressed a lot?

Breathing techniques for energy and relaxation!  You breathe already why not make it support your health?

How to balance all of this in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable and gets results!

Lew and Team Revitalize have studied and researched the most effective ways to help you find your balance and look and feel your best!  We will deliver all of this to you in a plain English and easy to manage lifestyle planning method. 

Come out and see what you have been missing and have some fun learning new tips and short cuts to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

A note from Lew….  I devised this seminar to help real people find real ways to balance out their lifestyle so it s supportive for your health but also in a way you can enjoy and will still be able to live your life!  It would be nice to spend all day just preparing healthy meals, relaxing and feeling no stress, but reality is we live in a high paced society with many demands so we will help you to balance it in a way that works in your world!  Yes it is possible to do this as I know first hands as I have walked the journey in the midst of running businesses, raising kids and all the other demands!  This is why I have created this very real and very doable life management system to keep you on track even when you are going full force!  Are you ready to really transform this time?  Let’s do this!  Register below!

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