3 Sleep Hacks to help you rest

3 Sleep Hacks to help You rest

Sleep is one of the World’s biggest challenges right now! 

Why is sleep so illusive?

There are many reasons including:

Stress! If stress is one of your problems make sure to read our post about stress busters here


Blue light from electronics

Multi tasking

Bad dietary habits

Over consumption of caffeine 

Poor sleep hygiene 


Time constraints and the list goes on!

What can be done about this?

There are many sleep promoting short cuts and I will give you three quick hacks today!  These came from my personal experience getting a full night sleep, not waking all night and waking wth ut the alarm clock feeling totally Revitalized!


Here are the three hacks!

  1. Use visualization prior to be  to envision a peaceful, relaxed state of mind and see a place where you would feel massively relaxed.

  2. Focus on an idea for lucid dreaming that make you feel relaxed, blissful and stress free. For example if you love the beach tell you mind you want to dream of the beach.

  3. PMR! No not PMS! Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  This is where you tense and relase all muscle groups starting at the head and working your way down to you feet.  This technique is explained in the video more!

The video will walk you through these ideas and give you even more insights.

Remember I am a Certified Sleep Sciences Coach and would be happy to coach you on designing you sleep environment and sleep strategies to help you get the rest you need to be the best you can be!

Click the button below to book a coaching session with me and let’s get you the rest you deserve!  We can do live sessions if you are local or we can do video conference coaching if you are distant.

Live with energy, passion, faith and always live YOUR dream!

-Coach Lew  


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